Kaan Iscan.

Designer & Digital Artist Based in Istanbul. Loves 3D Imagery & phygital sculptures.

Selected projects from the last couple of years.

Made You Look / A short animation film


WWF Market / A journey of a hoodie from the field to the box - happening within just 416 km2. It's all locally sourced.

Lark Suite / We have teamed up with CHiEaEN to create a film for the new Logo & UI of the Feishu / Lark. 


Reunion / A festival Identity for 40th Graphic Design Awards with a theme of "Reunion"


Lift / 'Lift' is a Phygital sculpture series that spotlights the universe of our emotions.

We Live Among Monsters / For emerging artist Borte Ipek's first solo exhibition, created a limited 3D printed catalogue.


WWF MARKET / 21' WWF market's social media campaign.


Identity of 25 years / Let's celebrate the 25 years of Medina Turgul DDB with more than 1700 employee and create an identity with these data.

Cinili Hammam //Unpublished / Cinili Hammam is one of the oldest hammam in Istanbul. And it's famous with it's tiles. We tried to reflect those patterns to the branding for pitching.


Never Stop Playing / A brand that encourages people to never stop playing, we wanted to reflect this motto into self-isolation times.

39th GMK / A short teaser animation for 39th Graphic Design Association of Turkey.


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